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An excuse is a reason some people give for failing before they have even tried.

You will never outrun your excuses until you stop making them.

The beauty of self discovery is that it never ends. 

You will accomplish great things when you turn your wishbone into a backbone.

This poem is inspired by and dedicated to an outstanding young woman named Kris Mejia.  It has been a joy and my privilege to sow into her life, along with others in her support group, and watch her humbly learn and apply the lessons of life.  These verses, though inspired by Ms.Mejia, also represent the numerous students I have the blessed privilege to work with on a daily basis; the students not born to privilege but who are possessed by the grit, desire, and determination to succeed in life.  You all are the reason I do what I do.  Thank you for inspiring me.  Keep dreaming.  You ARE the future!

~ Peace and blessings,



A Sacred Place

Within these hallowed, golden walls, there are doors but not a ceiling;

Light breaks through stained glass panes to color dream’s revealing.

A single barrier stalls pursuit it confines by doubts and shrinking;

The only limit in this sacred place is the limit of one’s own thinking.

These walls are built by opportunity imagined but not obtained;

And hopeful risks of something ventured to render something gained.

Dreams are brick and hope is mortar and by faith they are firmly placed;

And by wise device of guided reason the bricks are evenly spaced.

The firm foundation and solid stone upon which the walls will rest;

Is one’s own purpose and meaning in life which evokes the living quest.

To dream the dreams which supply the bricks to build the hallowed halls;

And by faith and hope and reasoning, write the plans upon its walls.

Faith, hope, and reason are surely the place to start;

But to achieve one’s dreams they must combine with work and a willing heart.

To only dream is not enough and faith without works is vain;

With diligent hands and a resolute heart one avoids disgrace and pain.

So hope and dreams with faith and work with love for God and man;

Build the walls which contain the future and set to course the plan.

Within these hallowed, golden walls, there are doors but not a ceiling;

Light breaks through stained glass panes to color dream’s revealing.

I am deeply honored and privileged to be available and trusted by colleagues seeking guidance, counsel, and encouragement. Though my years in institutional church ministry are behind me, by God’s grace, His work continues in and through me in the work force; as it should be.  The plight of one colleague and friend (you know who you are) was the inspiration of the following poem. I am thankful these words were received as timely and healing. I am equally hopeful that they will have similar impact for someone out there. As long as we are living, we are all “work in progress.” 

~ Peace and blessings…



Now Remains The Dawn

Uncertainty assaults my peace…as I gasp for wisps of breath;

Crushed beneath oppressive weight…of questions and regret.

What ifs and second guessing…are my constant aggravation;

As nights are seized by sleeplessness…and soul interrogation.

I knew that life would not be easy…but I never fathomed this;

Though silver linings do avail…the darkened clouds persist.

Discouragement obscures the light…of youthful inclination;

While anxiety casts its long, cold, shadow…on hope’s anticipation.

I’ve dwelt too long in a mournful place…my dreams could not conceive;

But still convinced that threads of hope…will mend reality.

I’m clinging to the silver lining…that pines for my attention;

The catalyst that fuels my fight…to conquer this contention.

My youthful dreams, all but discarded…for approval of my peers;

While the seeds of acquiescence bears…the fruit of bitter tears.

But at this moment…eyes wide open…to the value I possess;

An epiphany and realization…birthed by great duress.

Refined by flames of consequence…my purpose now secure;

I’ll forge ahead with strength anew…and through the flames endure.

Choice has brought me to this point…and choice will lead me on;

I’m sure the darkest hour has passed…and now…remains… the Dawn.


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When changing directions, turning is just the first step.