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Knowing what to do is meaningless without the heart to do it.


An excuse is a reason some people give for failing before they have even tried.

You will never outrun your excuses until you stop making them.

This poem is inspired by and dedicated to an outstanding young woman named Kris Mejia.  It has been a joy and my privilege to sow into her life, along with others in her support group, and watch her humbly learn and apply the lessons of life.  These verses, though inspired by Ms.Mejia, also represent the numerous students I have the blessed privilege to work with on a daily basis; the students not born to privilege but who are possessed by the grit, desire, and determination to succeed in life.  You all are the reason I do what I do.  Thank you for inspiring me.  Keep dreaming.  You ARE the future!

~ Peace and blessings,



A Sacred Place

Within these hallowed, golden walls, there are doors but not a ceiling;

Light breaks through stained glass panes to color dream’s revealing.

A single barrier stalls pursuit it confines by doubts and shrinking;

The only limit in this sacred place is the limit of one’s own thinking.

These walls are built by opportunity imagined but not obtained;

And hopeful risks of something ventured to render something gained.

Dreams are brick and hope is mortar and by faith they are firmly placed;

And by wise device of guided reason the bricks are evenly spaced.

The firm foundation and solid stone upon which the walls will rest;

Is one’s own purpose and meaning in life which evokes the living quest.

To dream the dreams which supply the bricks to build the hallowed halls;

And by faith and hope and reasoning, write the plans upon its walls.

Faith, hope, and reason are surely the place to start;

But to achieve one’s dreams they must combine with work and a willing heart.

To only dream is not enough and faith without works is vain;

With diligent hands and a resolute heart one avoids disgrace and pain.

So hope and dreams with faith and work with love for God and man;

Build the walls which contain the future and set to course the plan.

Within these hallowed, golden walls, there are doors but not a ceiling;

Light breaks through stained glass panes to color dream’s revealing.

Recently, someone very close and dear to me endured a harrowing experience.  Having been called upon to help this precious girl and her family navigate the aftermath of this tragedy, I was inspired to pen the words of this poem.  I wrote it for her.  It is personal.  She has graciously granted me permission to share these words with the hopes that they may lend to the healing of others.  I hope and pray they do.

In any society, there are few things, if any, that are more damaging than child abuse.  Child abuse of any kind, and especially sexual abuse, is tragic…to say the least.  When adults willfully prey upon, manipulate, intimidate, and abusively mistreat innocent children who should be able to look to them for love and support and protection, it rips and shreds

Ever Golden

Original art by Joe Martinez

at the moral and ethical fabric of any society…in any culture.  It has been accurately said that you can tell a lot about a culture by how it treats its children.  The same can be said about individuals.  Furthermore, and certainly not the least concerning, is the tremendous emotional, psychological, and physical damage inflicted upon our most precious and beautiful living resource can take years…a lifetime…to experience recovery.  In some cases, recovery may never truly come.


If you are such a soul who has endured the pain of abuse and its wretched aftermath, I pray these words remind you that you have always been and will always be Ever Golden

~ Peace and blessings…



The light of my life is suddenly dim as tragedy shrouds its brilliance.

With waning strength my heart grows void of hope for much resilience.

“Why me, Lord?” My soul screams out for a reason or solution;

For this agonizing, dreadful act, the bane of vile pollution.

Emotions die and emotions are born as I’m cloaked in wretched shame;

And myriad thoughts are condensed to one, “Will I ever be the same?”

I’m watched with awkward silence or boisterous words and language;

And judged by glares of assuming eyes like laser beams of anguish.

They pretend they know me to justify their selfish thoughts of hatred;

Oblivious to the Creator’s thoughts that every life is sacred.

Will I endure this heinous wound? What good is there to gain?

When my future self reviews my past, I’ll see this glaring stain.

Try as you may I am unconvinced you can fully understand;

The damage evoked by the impure act of a corrupt and covetous man.

Consoling words all miss their mark but continue to be spoken;

What words of men can truly heal a heart that has been broken?

I know I’m loved but at the moment, I’m feeling blank and stoic;

What I need now is time and patience, much more than grand heroics.

Time to heal and process thought, is the thing I really need;

It’s not a race, I can’t be rushed, I’ll move at my own speed.

These words are not to minimize your condoling love and acts;

Hopefully, soon, they’ll take their toll and help me to relax.

But, now, I’m feeling things I thought I’d never have to feel;

Unsure of what to keep inside or what I should reveal.

So please don’t stop, I’ll need compassion to get me through this plight.

And knowing that I’m not alone will give me strength to fight.

For as rain brings life to a barren place, your words they must be told;

And before too long I’ll remind the world, I’m made of purest gold.

My value comes from knowing truth I’ve begun to understand;

My life was formed in the Father’s heart and fashioned by His hand.

No selfish act of finite man can end a plan Divine;

Or quell the purpose He spoke into life and said is solely mine.

The road that I’m now travelling will be a difficult road to bear;

But when I reach its destination, I’ll have a tale to share.

An evil act by a treacherous man momentarily dimmed my brilliance;

But the One who made me is greater than he who tried to steal my innocence.

So this message, now, to you foul man who targets virtue as prey;

Tarnished gold maintains its value and I’m gold in every way.

In spite of your duplicitous ways and the schemes you plan and muster;

I’ll fight my way back to embrace my worth and to the brilliance of my luster.

I’ll not be defined by this single event though insidious in its treachery;

But I’ll grow through pain and properly place it in the volumes of my history.

Momentarily opaque, my shine is dull but the truth is sure to embolden;

And awake in me my Father’s thoughts that to Him…

                …I’m ever GOLDEN!

Sometimes it’s enough that you know.

Those who know everything are simply not trying to learn anything new.