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Love opens the doors closed by doctrine.


Freedom is not the license to do as you please, rather, it is the liberty to do as you ought. The former promotes self indulgence while the latter promotes self control.

Adversity is the reason we need Faith. It’s also the reason we have it. Faith that can’t be tested,  can’t be trusted. 

It’s unfortunate that band mates will sometimes leave when you start singing a different tune.

The lie of the serpent in the Garden of Eden bears a striking resemblance to alternative facts. And, where did that get us? 

There is no greater evidence of a creative God than the imagination of a child.

I saw him hungry with a sign in his hand…and brazenly stared at his empty tin can.

But I dared not look at him eye-to-eye…nor, venture a chat to ask him, “Why?”

Instead, I judged him and moved quickly along…humming the tune to an indifferent song.

I continued my stroll down Self-Righteous Way…thankful to God for another fine day.

Wondering what thing I might chance to start…to change the world and do my part.

When all of a sudden, I heard a son wailing…a frequent reaction to his father’s railing.

For striking out to end the game…the boy was coached by punishing shame.

But I dared not look at them eye-to-eye…nor, venture a chat to ask them, “Why?”

Instead, I stayed silent, though I felt cold chills…while I questioned and judged his parenting skills.

So I came to the corner of Mind Your Own Business…eyes wide open for a chance to witness.

Wondering what work I could take to heart…to change the world and do my part.

When I happened upon a desperate young girl…with plastic bags packed…alone in the world.

Thrown from her home for a near fatal habit…but my time was too valuable for this teenage addict.

I chanced a glance in her dark empty eyes…but my busy scheduled muffled their cries.

Surely, someone with time would happen along…to take up her cause and right her wrong.

Now, on to Avenue Prideful Defiance…where opinions are spewed with hatred and violence.

Still wondering what work I could undertake…to show this dark world my love is not fake.

A twenty-something woman was surrounded by critics…as she sobbed outside the abortion clinic.

They hurled insults and threats of gruesome hell fire…no inkling of care or thoughts to inquire,

What circumstance led to her tragic plight…or what trauma she’s battled through her emotional fight.

Treating others the way you’d like to be treated? …an aborted high principle…easily deleted.

Something indignant is stirring me now…at the end of the street called Holier-Than-Thou

I looked in their eyes disbelieving my own…they must be sinless…they’re all throwing stones.

From Slow to Speak and Slow to Wrath…its not a long haul to Judgmental Path.

Hypocrisy, there, is the rule of the day…Don’t see what I do, just hear what I say.

The words they spout are love and compassion…so often betrayed by self-righteous action.

Mercy on Sunday and Amazing Grace…are gone on Monday with seldom a trace.

This awareness moved me in a new direction…down a seldom used trail called Self-Reflection

If I truly want a good place to start…changing the world begins with my heart.