You will never outrun your excuses until you stop making them.

Adversity is the reason we need Faith. It’s also the reason we have it. Faith that can’t be tested,  can’t be trusted. 

It’s unfortunate that band mates will sometimes leave when you start singingĀ a different tune.

Don’t be the teacher kids have to respect. Be the one they want to.

If I seem wise, it’s only because I have survived my mistakes.  If you’re reading this, so have you. 

The lie of the serpent in the Garden of Eden bears a striking resemblance to alternative facts. And, where did that get us? 

Today’s Joesim: entry #106

Posted: 04/23/2017 in Joeisms

The most effective educators are those who remind their students that they are meant for so much more than where they come from.