My Mindset

Posted: 01/31/2017 in Life lessons, My Psalms
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Everthing is possible … I dare to dream large,

My doubts and fears fade … my passion’s in charge.

We’re all connected … I embrace everyone,

Own my life on the hundred … till the job is all done.

If it’s good or it’s bad … I’ll take it in stride,

An attitude of gratitude will humble my pride.

I’m livin’ by givin’ … that’s the best way to be,

To leave a mark on this world and to truly be free.

My time is now … not tomorrow or after,

If you say I can’t … my response will be laughter.

Not to mock or belittle but to let it be known,

Your doubts don’t faze me … my resolve is like stone.

Yeah, I’m chasing my dreams … I have no regrets.

Nothing can stop me or my seven mindsets.


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