Daddy’s Little Girl

Posted: 05/11/2016 in My Psalms
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Recently, a dear friend and colleague lost her precious father to cancer.  I’m blessed to work with a pretty close knit bunch so, needless to say, although not to the same extent, her pain was also ours.  As I reflected on the many times she has shared with us about her special relationship with her dad, the words of this poem began to flow.  The fact that I have four daughters and three granddaughters helped me, I believe, to voice these words from a


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father’s heart.  The fact that I have lost my precious mother-in-law to the ravages and relentlessness of cancer offers a second, unpleasant voice of experience along with a compassion to console those who are encountering the same.  To my joy and satisfaction, these words were received with heartfelt gratitude and appreciation.  And, now, with my friend’s permission I share them with you hoping they will offer some consolation or inspire some reflection as you face the losses, whatever they may be,  in your own life.

~ Peace and blessings…



Daddy’s Little Girl

There’s nothing quite like a girl and her dad…the bond just can’t be denied;

Through countless troubles and trials she’s had…he’s wiped every tear she has cried.

When all else fails, an immovable rock…He is constant and strong and sure;

Unconditional love measures his talk…his embrace gives her strength to endure.

Her childhood fears all melted away…in the protection of his arms;

Thoughts redirected by his loving sway…she was captured by his charms.

Sometimes he was quiet without a word…he refrained from any speaking,

But still he’d guide by the wisdom she heard… to the answers she’d been seeking.

His character and values are her constant guide…as she carves her way through this life;

But life can be hard so she sometimes hides…overwhelmed by hardships and strife.

In the comfort and solace of memories she ponds… she hears his loving voice;

Affirming so clearly the lessons so fond…directing her to a choice.

No, there’s nothing quite like a dad and his girl…the king on the throne of her heart.

No bond can compare in this whole wide world… no, nothing can keep them apart.

Come hell or high water, through all she’ll abide…for in her heart of hearts she knows;

Regardless of distance, his love’s by her side…no matter how far she goes.

Even in death he is close by and near…though gone from her physical touch;

But somehow joy erases the fear… ‘cause she knows he loved her much.

A lifetime of lessons and memories to sift…come crashing through her brain;

Each one a stair step which gently lifts…her grieving heart from pain.

And, now she daddys_girlponders while deep in thought…the blessing she knows as dad;

What he leaves behind can never be bought…he gave her all that he had.

For of titles, positions, and successes obtained…all coveted by this world;

No greater achievement for her can be gained…                                                  

                                                                           …than to be her Daddy’s Girl.


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