A Holiday Reflection

Posted: 12/18/2015 in My Psalms
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I penned these words to show appreciation and gratitude for the amazing staff I have the honor to work with.  It is my holiday reflection going into a two week break before returning for the final stretch of another successful school year.  If you are an educator or youth worker, these words apply to you, as well.  You may not be a Villago Middle School Titan but, if you work with young people in any capacity, you know it’s a grind to make a difference but the difference is worth the grind.

Enjoy…   (c:]

A holiday reflection to begin our break
…that you are here is no mistake.
For you are part of an amazing team
…encouraging kids to dare to dream.
You painstakingly care with passion and pride
…as they pursue their goals, stride by stride.
There are no “Big I’s” or “little you’s”
…each one’s a part and that’s good news.
From top to bottom and A to Z
…we all pitch in, that’s plain to see.
Each one does their special part
…it’s worth it all to reach one heart.
To see them grow and develop skills
…fills your life with warmth and thrills.
Demonstrating GRIT each and every day
 …you’re a role model and a mentor showing the way.
To an unfortunate many who scarcely know
 …the skills one needs to properly grow.
You teach much more than content and facts
  …but the character needed when real life attacks.
As a potter molds his precious clay
 …you influence lives in a miraculous way.
You are under-appreciated for all you do
 …but the difference you make is no less true.
So as you enjoy this holiday season
 …remember with pride that you are the reason
That students you serve have a real cause to hope
 …keeping untold numbers from the end of their rope.
To not give up when the way is rough
  …and continue to dream when the going gets tough.
All because you choose to care
  …in spite of the many who are unaware
Of your sacrifice and commitment to build relations
  …that will shape our world for generations.
So, enjoy your break for you have earned it well
  …for authoring stories that history will tell.
And if at times things seem to go wrong
                …never forget YOU ARE VILLAGO STRONG!
  1. Jeannette Andree says:

    Thank you for these words. It was a wonderful gift. You gave a true poets heart. Just remember that these words apply to you too.

    Liked by 1 person

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