Death and Life…

Posted: 05/12/2015 in My Psalms
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It can lift me up to the highest of heights where the wings of encouragement fly,

Or, bring me down to discouraging depths conveyed by a groan and a sigh.

It can cause me to know my value and worth and all I could possibly do,

Or, cause me to think I’m of no good use, a thought I think I already knew.

It can heal the shame of my sordid past with hope of a better day,

Or, keep me bound in a cage of regret; twisted thinking…“I’m okay.”

It can give me strength to try something new; broaden the scope of my experience,

Or, shackle me down to what I’ve always been; What, me change? I must be delirious!

It can ignite a light in a very dark place where hope has never been,

Or, pull the lever to spring the trap that sends me plummeting again.

It can spur me on with songs of dreams and achievements to obtain,

Or, repeat the nightmarish notes of discouragement’s dark refrain.

And what, you ask, is this single thing that builds one up or destroys?

By translating thoughts formed in a heart with the words that it deploys?

Of this thing it has been rightly said, “it dwells in a slippery place.”

A world of evil or good intent can emanate from one’s face.

The tongue is the thing with this awesome power at its singular disposal,

But it only speaks the thoughts suggested by your very heart’s proposal.

So, guard your heart and mind your tongue their power is death and life,

For the words one speaks can free a soul or sentence it to strife.

…Peace and Blessings… ~ joe


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