Bloom Again…

Posted: 02/12/2015 in My Psalms
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Today, it was my esteemed honor and pleasure to officiate a wedding for a very dear and close friend of mine. More like a sister, really. In preparing my thoughts for the wedding, the recent years of her life, inspired the poem below. It is a tribute to her stamina through the arduous trials encountered in the life of a divorcee.  She has endured neglect, beaten herself up, questioned and second-guessed herself, shouldered blame, taken responsibility, encountered and overcome stigma, and fought for the best interest of her daughters. It has been such a privilege and blessing for me to watch her overcome the throes of divorce and its aftermath and to watch her blossom into a strong, confident woman. Such is the product of true love and such is the subject of this poem.

(For Beebs…  My friend and sister, I am thankful and blessed that you are at last the recipient of the meaningful and genuine love you are so deserving of.  May the lives of you and your beloved, as well as, the lives of your three “blossoming buds” be forever touched, changed and propelled forward by the love you all share for each other.)

To all who have questioned whether they would ever love or be loved again only to be blessed by a

rich, meaningful, and powerful “second chance,” I submit to you, “Bloom Again.”

…Peace and blessings,

~ joe

Bloom Again

Damaged stem and falling leaves, bloom withering away,

Beat down by life and sun parched days, its soil in vile decay.

Fragrance and beauty once propelled by innocence of the young,

Hidden, now, and overwhelmed by hopeful songs unsung.

Doubt has rendered the fragrant blossom blind to its own beauty,

Trapped in unrequited love diminished, now, to duty.

A single joy gives life to hope and helps her to stand tall,

Two blossoming buds rely on her and, so, she must not fall.

So, even in her fragile state, a perfect example is shown,

Of what it means to be truly loved but, still, she stands alone.

Until, one day, a man observes the plight of her condition,

And, by the shade of his protection, is born a new rendition.

His love provides the nourishment her soil has scarcely known,

And, by it strength to radiate in brilliance newly shown.

The fading bloom recaptures life in the hands of this caretaker.

Reminded, now, there’s still a plan created by her Maker.

And, now, she stands before us all in radiant, brilliant glory,

A living sign to never quit before the ending of the story.

Her wilting petals from despair revived by love’s refrain,

Confirms the fact that, in true love’s soil,

…the rose

…will bloom again!

  1. Brother Dave says:

    Excellent words! What poetry! I was blessed by the post.

    You certainly surprised me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Brother Dave, I am so thankful that you are blessed by this post and poem. It is proof that, when God inspires, anyone can be surprising! (c:]

      ~ Peace and blessings…


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