He stares into emptiness and ponders the thought

of all he could be but all he is not.

As the light of his dreams is stifled by doubt,

he gropes at the darkness and finds no way out.

His race against time is a race he is losing;

a victim, of sorts, of his own poor choosing.

What powers this doubt? His own self perception;

insecurity fostered by perceived imperfection.

So, blinded by fear, he aimlessly wades

in waters of shame as another day fades.

The scale of his mind measures the weight

of all that could be or if it’s too late.

Try as he may, his progress is stalled,

while doubt obscures destiny to which he is called.

But then,

a voice in the darkness speaks a new language;

piercing the void with relief to his anguish.

A positive voice with an affirming word;

Proclaiming a message he has scarcely heard.

Encouraging words affirm purpose possession;

a glimmer of hope ignites new confession.

Day by day his doubt is diminished;

Encouraged anew to know he’s not finished.

This voice is compelled by the love for others

and knowledge to know we’re sisters and brothers.

And who is the author of the resounding voice?

Announcing to hopelessness, “You still have a choice?”

It’s the voice of compassion that is trained to see

the world is much larger than just mine or just me.

Compassion that sees the true value of life

and tempered steel silver linings in the dark clouds of strife.

Compassion that sees through a hopeless facade,

a destiny written by the pen of God.

All who speak life from an understanding heart

help restore passion to pursue a new start.

And, each affirmation adds value to zero.

Just a day in the life of an everyday hero.


  1. Hyunjin says:

    Beautiful poem, Joe!

    Liked by 1 person

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