“Stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.”

I love this maxim! It’s a reminder to me that purpose is a source of peace. As an employee of a school district in my community, today I will see the students I have not seen for the past two weeks. Today it’s back to work. I’m excited to see them because teaching them about life is among the causes for which I stand.

I take a stand by “letting my light so shine before men that they see my good works and bring glory to my Father in heaven.” I take a stand by doing my best to affirm to every person I encounter that they have value and they are important. God loves me so I can love them. God loves me so I must!Healing-Broken-Heart

That’s my cause. It’s my calling. Not to preach. Not to organize activities. Not to tell people how important going to church is. But to shine the love of God into the darkness of the world I traverse. Every time an unloved person feels love they can be inspired by the hope that God exists. Perhaps this hope will begin their search. That’s my cause. It gives my life purpose and in that purpose I find peace.

I was told once by a pastor that I was through with youth ministry. I had run my course and it was time to move on to “different ministry.” That was nearly a decade ago. I am no longer affiliated with any church but today I report to work at a school with almost 900 middle school students. I return to work at a school with 40 staff members. I will teach them many of the same lessons I taught in church for over twenty years. That’s what I stand for.

By God’s grace I will do my best to live my life in love for Him and for others. But what about the Gospel message, you say? The Gospel message and the principles of faith in God are more than just sermons. It’s a lifestyle. And, my God ordained job is to ensure that everybody I meet along my journey through life knows that at least one person on earth loves them. In so doing, it just might point them to the Author of love. So, today, as I return to work…that’s what I stand for

…and I won’t fall for anything else.

…Peace and blessings…

~ joe

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