Light the way

Posted: 01/02/2015 in My Psalms
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Darkness aspires to conquer the light…

The colors of life obscured by night.

Fear upon worry threaten and rage…

Imprison by doubt in a pain-made cage.

Absence of light robs eyes of vision…

A gray scale world fuels indecision.

Hopelessness conceives an imminent doom…

Self-destruction waits in the stealth of a room.

If only one soul would strike a small spark…

A respite of hope in the midst of the dark.

Exquisite, bright color of a life that could be…

Exposed by a flash and vision set free.

The power of darkness is the absence of light…

So ignite your torch and join the fight.

Banish the darkness, it must be withstood…

Defeat its vile power by the bright light of good.

The colors of the spectrum, the ability to cope…

Awakened by a shaft of light, a single ray of hope.

And you, dear friend, can be such a ray…

To guide burdened souls to the bright hope of day.

When your moment comes do not hesitate…

Be quick to shine before it’s too late.

Original Art by Joe Martinez

Original Art by Joe Martinez


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