Tiny Red Sparks

Posted: 12/09/2014 in My Psalms

This original poem is dedicated to the countless parents, educators, youth workers, and volunteers who commit their lives to helping young people “discover, develop, and deploy” their innate motivation and potential (their spark). Although, you clearly do not do what you do for the money, it is important to acknowledge that you are most definitely over-worked and under-paid. People like you have been immeasurably instrumental in my finding and honing my own spark. With great joy and a deep sense of fulfillment, it is my honor to be counted as one amongst your ranks. Carry on. Together, we will continue to fight the good fight in the best interest of our future.

…Peace and blessings…

~ joe

Tiny Red Sparks

Adversity comes, it darkens the dark.

But nothing can quench my tiny red spark.

It possesses and guides me through the struggles of life.

My spark is my remedy for dog days and strife.

Times will be hard, I’ll have doubts, it’s true.

But the voice of that glow screams, “Press on! You’re not through!”

When my path is obscured by the darkness of dark,

My way is illumined by a tiny red spark.

Your spark, as mine, is a grand guiding light;

To shine the way through the dark veil of night.

It gives purpose to life and a reason to be.

It shapes self-value; opens closed eyes to see.

Designed and created by the Author of man;

Lovingly spelt by the pen in His hand.

He wrote it within us, for a season a myst’ry.

In time, revealed as a key from our hist’ry.

No person’s spark should ever be smothered.

Be diligent and thoughtful until it’s uncovered.

And, don’t be surprised when you discover just one;

You’ll see clearly, at last, the Author’s not done.

One tiny red spark can ignite a great fire.

An inferno of hope, passions, dreams and desire.

So, be quick to add fuel to that fiery hot ember.

And fan into flame a life to remember.


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